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  • New Sierra Deertan Sides

    New Sierra Deertan Sides

    Our new Sierra Deertan Cowhide Sides have the soft, supple feel of fine garment deerskin as well as the toughness and durability of cowhide. Plus, it’s water-resistant, adding a dimension of wearability to garments made from this leather. These sides...

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  • Pontedero Double Shoulders

    Pontedero Double Shoulders

    Pontedero Double Shoulders are full-grain, A/B grade Italian veg-tanned cowhide that has been hand-stained. It is a semi-pliable leather with a subtle texture that has minimal stretch and a very light pull-up effect. This leather has been finished using traditional,...

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  • New Kodiak Bends & Shoulders

    New Kodiak Bends & Shoulders

    Kodiak Sides have been a longtime customer favorite leather. The rich oil-tanned hide is known for its durability and beautiful pronounced grain and now this favorite is available in 2 new cuts—Bends and Single Shoulders! “Kodiak is one of our...

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  • How to Choose Your Leather

    How to Choose Your Leather

    Choosing the right piece of leather is the first step to a successful project. 

    There’s more that goes into it than you might think! Follow these tips to find your perfect hide. 

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  • Dustin Loftis

    Dustin Loftis

    Dustin Loftis successfully owns and operates The Dusty Hide Leather Co., a business known for its beautiful custom-made leather goods. Dustin not only bridges traditional leatherworking techniques with contemporary design, but passes on the fine art of leatherwork by offering classes and workshops.
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  • The Watkins Family

    The Watkins Family

    For Jennifer, Bill, and their daughter, Allison, leatherwork may have started as a hobby, but it soon grew into a family business. Tracing their leatherworking journey back to its beginnings in a Tandy class, the family has since sharpened their skills, now creating a variety of professional-grade wares for their shop.
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  • Maker Spotlight. Annie Libertini

    Annie Libertini

    As the owner of fine leatherworking studio Libertini Arts, Annie Libertini might be better known as the artist behind some of the more creative leather costumes appearing in major network television programs. From zombie masks to alien armor, Annie’s ability to captivate audiences with her leather costumes speaks not only to her talent, but to her creativity.
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  • Doodle page

    Doodle page

    How to Use the Doodle Page Watch Jim Linnell demonstrate how to use a Doodle Page in this leatherworking video. When you’re ready to try it for yourself, download and print the Doodle by clicking below. Download the Doodle Page...

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