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Store Highlight - #107 Watauga, TX

Store Highlight - #107 Watauga, TX


This week we have the good fortune of getting to know the staff of our Watauga, TX store. Let these long standing Tandy staff tell you about their history with the company, transition from crafter to staff member and the wealth of knowledge and experience they bring to the table. 


This group of crafters has let their love of leathercraft overlap into their desire to learn, grow and become better. They have translated their own skills into the classroom and offer many approachable beginner's classes that make getting into this craft so much easier than you might have ever believed! When the "best part of the job" is teaching people how to make projects they can take one in their first day crafting, you know this is the place to be! 


The video below shows some of the energy, stories, staff tool picks and beautiful projects they have created for you to share with them. This quick four minutes gives a jovial insight into this location and their expertise! 

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