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  • Nikki & Mallory

    Nikki & Mallory

    Leatherwork is beautiful, distinctive and represents individuality. I’m Treasure, Owner and Designer of Nikki&Mallory, an artisan brand of bohemian inspired leather and non-leather handcrafted goods, including custom handbags, accessories and home decor. Each piece in my collection is created with...

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  • Dustin Loftis

    Dustin Loftis

    Dustin Loftis successfully owns and operates The Dusty Hide Leather Co., a business known for its beautiful custom-made leather goods. Dustin not only bridges traditional leatherworking techniques with contemporary design, but passes on the fine art of leatherwork by offering classes and workshops.
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  • The Watkins Family

    The Watkins Family

    For Jennifer, Bill, and their daughter, Allison, leatherwork may have started as a hobby, but it soon grew into a family business. Tracing their leatherworking journey back to its beginnings in a Tandy class, the family has since sharpened their skills, now creating a variety of professional-grade wares for their shop.
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