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Craftool® Rounded Mulefoot Stamp

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Craftool® stamps are an investment that will last for years to come! One of the common uses of the mulefoot is in conjunction with the "stop" tool in floral carving. The mulefoot enhances the flow of the design. Other uses of this tool include making feathers on your bird carvings, making fish scales and border designs. Our book, "Tech Tips" by Al Stohlman, shows examples of all the techniques mentioned above.


  • U851 Dimensions: 0.16 x 0.16 in. (3.97 x 3.97 mm)
  • U853 Dimensions: 0.38 x 0.22 in. (9.53 x 5.56 mm)
  • U855 Dimensions: 0.38 x 0.38 in. (9.53 x 9.53 mm)

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