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Gift Idea: Aspen Clutch Kit with Painted In Blue

Gift Idea: Aspen Clutch Kit with Painted In Blue

Follow along with Tony Gonzalez, owner of Painted in Blue, as he assembles the Aspen Clutch Kit from start to finish and shares his pro tips. This technique works on all three of the Aspen Kits!


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  • Assemble the Aspen Clutch Kit by following the instructions here
  • Customize it and make it your own!


Painted In Blue

Tony "josiesboy" Gonzalez is a full-time leathercrafter and visual artist originally from New York. He is the owner of Painted in Blue, a creative house that originated in 2017—specializing in pushing the boundaries of leather creativity.

His leatherworking journey began in late 2019, after buying his first hide from Tandy, and he started flourishing all through the quarantine of 2020. Starting a new craft in the middle of a global pandemic was tough, but he has often said that leatherworking has kept his mind at ease through the difficult times. Two years into his craft and residing in Philadelphia, he has two main goals. The first is to feed his creative spirit at all times, and the second is to inspire more young black and brown people to continue this tradition.




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Nicole Bradford - August 30, 2023

Good day, Lorna! I’m not sure what’s going on with the link for you, but try this and see if it gets you to the right place:

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help with!

Happy crafting – Nicole Bradford – Content Marketing Manager

Lorna Arcand - August 30, 2023

Hi, was looking forward to seeing the Aspen clutch but the link goes Ro a pattern for a Gibson wallet.

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