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Meet the Manager - Johan P @ Store 158

Meet the Manager - Johan P @ Store 158

Here at Tandy we have over 100 years of history and it is because of the hardworking and long standing members of our teams that we have been able to persist through such a vast and ever changing world.

Meet Johan Potgieter, the current manager of store #158 in Roseville, Minnesota. Johan joined us in 2004 (happy almost twenty-year anniversary!) and was quickly made manager at our Bloomington location because of his incredible leatherworking knowledge and desire to embody our mission to build and teach the art of leatherworking in our community.

He is a prolific crafter and published author who has mastered many of the "old ways" and traditional leather working from decades ago, preserving many of the techniques that would otherwise be lost in time. Johan started his leatherworking career in 1978 after becoming the new owner of a stack of Al Stohlman books- which got him hook, line, and sinker. After logging much time teaching himself through the instructional texts, he joined the leather guild in South Africa, meeting and learning from many skilled mentors to help grow his own talents.

Johan likes making valet trays, can covers, and journal covers using unique and beautiful variations of wood-grain texturing and out-of-the-box stamping combinations. He and his staff teach classes at their Roseville location and even host local leather guild meetings! He also has future plans to tour a nearby tannery and help build his knowledge base even more.

Here are a couple of his "wood grain" texture technique in action- absolutely stunning! 

Image preview

Please feel free to watch this interview we hosted with this incredible Tandy manager, and let us know if you have additional questions for him. Make sure if you're ever in the area, make sure to stop by and say hi!

Find the store details by clicking here!


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"Not only can you come and buy your leather, hardware and tools from us, We can demo most tools and dyes/stains for you right there on the spot!" - Johan Potgieter, Store Manager, Roseville #158

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Nicole Bradford - August 30, 2023

Hi, Barbara!

Yes! Johan is our manager at store #158 in Roseville, MN. Feel free to click here to get more information about that location:

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you!

Happy crafting – Nicole Bradford – Content Marketing Manager

Barbara Gilbert - August 29, 2023

I was only aware of a Tandy in Sacramento. Does Johan Potgeiter run a store in Roseville? If so, fabulous! Can you please send me info on or a link to that store? I’ve lived in Roseville about 5 years now, & would be thrilled to shop locally. Thank you. 😊

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