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Gift Idea: Roll-Top Backpack with Claridge Leather

Gift Idea: Roll-Top Backpack with Claridge Leather

Tanner Claridge, founder of Claridge Leather, made and designed a roll-top backpack. Follow his step-by-step tutorial and download the FREE pattern to get started!

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1. Lay out leather and cut out pattern from 5-6 oz. leather

2. Cut 1” straps from 9-10 oz. leather
3. Punch all holes (1/8” and 1” oblong punches)
4. Make rivet “washers” (1/8” and 5/8” punches)
5. Bevel all edges on all the pieces as needed (w/ edge beveler)
6. Burnish all edges as needed (burnishing solution and burnishing machine + canvas/slicker)
7. Skive edges where needed (NP4)
8. Sew lash tabs and strap attachment piece onto bag using 1/8” double sided tape (Class 4 with table attachment, double presser foot)
9. Add double sided tape (3/8”) for joining large panels together
10. Sew bag panels together (Class 4 w/ table attachment and double presser foot)








 11. Add double sided tape (3/8”) to rolled edges on top of bag

12. Sew rolled edges on top end of bag (Class 4 w/ table attachment, single presser foot/roller edge guide)
13. Attach straps and buckles using copper/brass rivets
14. Sew vertical seams using binder clips (Class 4 w/ table attachment, single presser foot/roller edge guide)

15. Cut “notch” at gusset

16. Remove table attachment
17. Sew bottom gusset using binder clips (Class 4, no table, double presser foot)
18. Punch top of seam for rivet on each side (1/8” punch)
19. Set rivet to reinforce top of seam (at each side on top of bag)
20. Flip bag right-side out
21. Attach shoulder straps into lower buckles


    Claridge Leather

    Tanner Claridge is a Prosthetist, husband, and father from Somers, Montana. When he isn't fulfilling his dad duties to his four children or making prosthetics, he is in his leather shop teaching people all around the world the art of leatherworking! 





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