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Introducing: Tandy 187 Queens

Introducing: Tandy 187 Queens

As a business that embodies 100+ years of history it is vital that we continue to grow and build new, exciting ways for you to shop. Enter our new flagship store in Queens, NY. We worked to create a unique shopping experience that inspires new ideas and creates even easier ways to browse and buy. Leather is displayed on hanging racks and shelves to make shopping products a breeze. Hardware on full display for review before collecting a basketful of odd lots makes decision-making and project planning easier than ever.  

Also exciting, Queens is offering a beautiful class space and a rentable Maker's Space! With an impressive list of classes you can find by clicking here, including fantastic beginning classes like hardware setting and many intermediate offerings like card cases and guitar cases, no matter what stage in your leatherworking journey you may be enjoying, this class space can help. 

Once you are ready to start branching into more complex projects and use different, higher-quality tools, make sure to reserve some time in our Maker's Space. With sewing machines, skivers, and strap cutters (among others), the machine selection can help take your small projects to the beginning of a business! Test Tandy Pro tools before you buy and create stunning, professional-quality projects at an affordable cost! Make sure to reserve your spot soon! 

Ahead of the Queens open house on Monday, September 18th, from 3-9 pm, please enjoy this three-minute "Day in the Life" video with store 187's manager, Brad. We look forward to seeing you enjoy our fun new vision of leather working in the 2020s! 


In anticipation of their open house on September 18th, 2023, come take a peek at our new flagship store in Queens, NY on our blog. Featuring a robust class list, beautiful Maker's Space and all-new product display, this space is both modern and truly Tandy. Including a brand new sneak peak "Day in the Life" video with store manager, Brad! #tandyleather #leathertogether #makeyourmark

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