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Gift Idea: Western Style Holsters with Road Agent Leather

Gift Idea: Western Style Holsters with Road Agent Leather

Jason Stone, founder of Road Agent Leather, made and designed three beautiful western style holsters. Follow his step-by-step tutorial and download the FREE pattern to get started!


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  1. Trace the pattern onto your piece of leather
  2. Cut out the leather
  3. Using an Edge Beveler, add the design to the leather
  4. Using the Diamond Stitching Chisels, stamp the leather
  5. Mist the leather
  6. Begin stamping the leather to decorate your leather
  7. Use an Edge Beveler along the edges of your leather
  8. Stain the leather with Fiebing's Antique Finish
  9. Coat the stained leather with Neatsfoot Oil and a paint brush
  10. Using Ritza Tiger Thread 8 MM and a needle, begin sewing up the leather
  11. Use a rivet setter to set the rivets
  12. Once you're done, loop the holster part of the leather through the loop we created with the rivets
  13. Cut off the excess leather on the strap

Road Agent Leather




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Michael Aldinger - March 4, 2024

Nice holsters I like the kits

Nicole Bradford - November 28, 2023

Hey, Bill! We do have some semi automatic holster patterns and many other. Feel free to click at the top of the page, or use the search option, to look through what we have available. And check back often as we’re always adding new items !

Happy crafting – Nicole Bradford – Content Marketing Manager - November 28, 2023

Any craft kits for auto loading hand guns?

Nicole Bradford - October 2, 2023

Hi, @Idalia! The free download for this pattern as is the top of the article, feel free to download at your leisure!

Happy crafting – Nicole Bradford – Content Marketing Manager

Idalia - October 2, 2023

I want that you send me a pattern

Nicole Bradford - August 30, 2023

Hi, Rick!

That’s a great question, with a complex answer. At the end of the day there is no one size fits all. You’ll need to look at your printer, what size paper it prints, etc. Legal, A4, printer, etc. will all have different settings you need to work through. Optionally, you can take the file to a print shop and they may be able to assist on that front too!

I hope you get it squared away, and please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you!

Happy crafting – Nicole Bradford – Content Marketing Manager

Rick Parker - August 29, 2023

What size do I need to enlarge patterns to “Full Size”?
Ex. 125%? , 150%?

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