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Gift Idea: Carry-All Toiletry Bag with Indigo Laine & Co.

Gift Idea: Carry-All Toiletry Bag with Indigo Laine & Co.

Randi Hamlyn, founder of Indigo Laine & Co, made and designed a gorgeous Carry-All Toiletry Bag. Follow her step-by-step tutorial and download the FREE pattern to get started!

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  1. Trace out the Carry-All pattern onto the leather.
  2. Cut out the pattern using your ruler and rotary cutter.
  3. Cut our 2 pieces measuring 1.25” wide and 3.5” in length. These are your end pull tabs. Set aside.
  4. Place craft tape along both edges of the zipper.
  5. Remove paper lining from the craft tape.
  6. Place the one long edge of the project onto the zipper. Do the same thing for the opposite side.
  7. Pull zipper apart to allow for sewing.
  8. Sew in both zipper sides.
  9. Install zipper pull (If you have installed a complete zipper skip this step)
  10. Flip project inside out
  11. Clip your short ends together.
  12. Take your 2 end pull tabs and fold each in half, secure together with craft tape. Clip into the project on either end where the zipper is. make sure your pulls are inside the bag. That way when we finish sewing the project and flip it right side out, the pulls are functional.
  13. Run a straight stitch on each side of the short end.
  14. Trim your sewn edges so they are flush with each other.
  15. Clip your corners to box them.
  16. Sew the edges you just clipped. Make sure to back stitch to secure the stitches.
  17. Trim the edges you just sewed so they are flush with each other.
  18. Using the lighter burn the ends of the stitch just enough the melt the thread and secure it. This takes seconds. Be careful not to light your project on fire.
  19. Flip your bag right side out for a complete Carry-All!



Indigo Laine & Co.

Indigo Laine & Co is a small leather goods manufacturing company located in the heart of South Texas. Randi Hamlyn founded Indigo Laine in 2016. The business was born out of the desire to have authentic leather goods that feature clean lines and timeless styles. Indigo Laine goods will stay with you for a lifetime. Each piece is 100% leather and handcrafted in house. There are currently 5 incredible women that are a part of our growing team. Our goal is two-fold: to create quality leather goods and to also create sustainable jobs for women in our community. By shopping Indigo Laine you are helping us accomplish those goals daily.




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