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Free Shipping on Orders Over $149*


Atelier Maker - Magasin Fort Worth # 04

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Come Craft With US

The Maker Workshop was created to give you a workspace with all our TandyPro tools and Machines right at your fingertips. Take your projects to the next level and test run our products before you buy.

Arrive 15 minutes before your reservation time to begin the check-in process.

Bring any project materials like leather, any dyes or other consumables, and any project hardware. Additional items can be purchased at the Tandy Leather store prior to the start of your reservation time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is the Maker Workshop available?

A: Maker Workshop is open during all store hours. Extended time options may be available, ask store associates for more details!

Q. How many people can use the Maker Workshop?

A. Your reserved space provides one dedicated work table per each maker.

Q. When should I arrive for my reservation?

A. Arrive 15 minutes before your reservation time to allow for any paperwork and check-in process.

Q. What if I need supplies during my reservation?

A. We encourage you to stock up on supplies ahead of your reservation, but if you need any items during your time, our store associates can help you locate them and add them to your tab to be purchased at the end of your reservation time.

Q. What if I need longer than a 60-minute reservation?

A. You can reserve the Maker Workshop for more than one consecutive time slot for the $10 reservation fee.

Reserve the Maker Workshop using the calendar below

Reserve the Maker Workshop using the calendar below

The Maker Workshop is just $10 per hour.
Leather Machine Co. rentals are $25 per half-hour.

Sign up online and our store associates will follow up with you via phone to collect your reservation fee. Maker Workshop reservations are available for 60-minute time slots

Reserve the Maker Workshop