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Tandy Skills: 2D & 3D Stamping

Tandy Skills: 2D & 3D Stamping

Learn how to 2D & 3D stamp by following a step-by-step tutorial with Tandy Leather Colorado Springs #136 store manager, Nicole Bradford!



Step 1: Case our leather: Put water into Veg-Tan Leather until it stops absorbing quickly.

Step 2: Leave leather to absorb the leftover moisture for about 3-5 minutes.

Step 3: Place leather onto your granite.

Step 4: Grab the stamp you'd like to stamp into the leather. Make sure it's oriented the way you'd like and place it on the leather.

Step 5: In one confident hit, wack the stamp into the leather.


Try using Easy-Carve for a consistent and long-lasting case! Make sure to wait a few minutes before stamping to get a crisp stamping impression that will last.



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