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Free Shipping On Orders Over $150! *Exclusions Apply

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Tandy Skills: Saddle Stitching

The saddle stitching technique—also known as hand stitching or two-needle stitching—is time-consuming but ends up stronger than a machine stitch. If a thread is cut on one side of a...


Wallet Liner Instructions by Collin Williams

    1.     Cut the card slots on the interior per the pattern.    2.     Using the provided guide, mark the bottom of each card slot (vertical for vertical cards...


TandyPro® Biker Wallet Template Instructions by Collin Williams!

Download the FREE Carving Pattern! Materials needed: 2sqft 5/6oz veg-tanned leather 2sqft 2/3oz veg leather Line 24 snap 8” zipper Double sided tape Tyvek or ribbon Waxed thread Two needles...

Maker Spotlight

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Jake Danklefs

Jake Danklefs Founder, Creative Artist, Footwear Design/Manufacturing As a creative artist, Jake Danklefs (Dank and Co.) fulfills customers’ desires to create a custom product that reflects their personal taste (with...

Dustin Loftis

Dustin Loftis successfully owns and operates The Dusty Hide Leather Co., a business known for its beautiful custom-made leather goods. Dustin not only bridges traditional leatherworking techniques with contemporary design, but passes on the fine art of leatherwork by offering classes and workshops.

The Watkins Family

For Jennifer, Bill, and their daughter, Allison, leatherwork may have started as a hobby, but it soon grew into a family business. Tracing their leatherworking journey back to its beginnings in a Tandy class, the family has since sharpened their skills, now creating a variety of professional-grade wares for their shop.