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Bucket Tote by Claridge Leather

Bucket Tote by Claridge Leather

Tanner Claridge is a Montana craftsman! Follow him on Instagram @claridge_leather.

Things to consider before you start: The pattern is for a simple tote, but it can be customized in many ways, as in the case of this Mountain Bag. If you are sewing on a machine, a cylinder arm machine will be really helpful. Sewing the vertical seam on the upper portion of the bag can be tricky. If you’re using a machine, it will be helpful to use a softer-tempered leather (around 4-6 oz) because of the ways you’ll need to manipulate the leather to sew the vertical seam. This design also lends itself well to hand-stitching. If sewing by hand, a firmer-tempered leather could be a viable option.

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