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Tandy Maker Spotlight

Nikki & Mallory

Leatherwork is beautiful, distinctive and represents individuality.

I’m Treasure, Owner and Designer of Nikki&Mallory, an artisan brand of bohemian inspired leather and non-leather handcrafted goods, including custom handbags, accessories and home decor. Each piece in my collection is created with originality and authenticity.

The brand’s name, Nikki&Mallory, is a combination of my nickname and last name, indicative of one woman with two different styles, characteristics and personalities. These personalities are expressed throughout my designs.

I design and create for the wanders, dreamers and free-spirits alike, while appealing to one’s creativity and individuality; making my designs approachable and affordable. My mission is to encourage women to live free, adventurous, confident, and limitless on her journey to self-discovery and give her a bag of self-expression to carry all those gems in her travels.


When I tell people that I am a handbag designer, it’s usually no big deal.  I’m assuming that title can easily be adapted, and me, creating in that realm wouldn’t be so surprising. However, it amazes me how often people are caught off guard when I tell them that I am also a leathercrafter.  The reactions I get are always a mix of stunned, amazed, excited or intrigued. When I look around in my community, I don’t often see myself, a black maker, reflected in the craft, so why would they. 


Starting out, I had very few mentors and had no idea what I was doing - but practice truly makes perfect. My concern of ‘not knowing’ turned into a heightened desire to learn the art of leatherwork that much more. I’ve always been one to step outside the box, draw outside the lines and travel in directions opposite of the crowds so, I knew, teaching myself to work with leather was the perfect addition to my business as a black maker.

Leatherwork is beautiful, distinctive and represents individuality. The world of leather crafting has never been a platform to showcase people of color but I’m hoping to change the narrative along with so many other amazing talents that go unnoticed. Leathercrafters of color do exist, and I am one of them.

As part of my mission to encourage people to live free, adventurous, confident and limitless journeys and express their own creativity and individualism, I continue to share my passion for art of leatherwork with others through my thoughtfully designed kits and classes so others, like me wanting to pursue this creative realm, have a mentor to guide them. I'm an advocate for turning dreamers into believers. To those on a pursuit of passion, have faith in yourself and never give up.